Goals & Mission

The motto of our management is "Dnyan Vidhnyan Susanskar" with this motto in mind we have the following goals and mission of the college.

# To provide quality education to all by means sheer hard work, dedication and devotion

# To provide scientific temper.

# Education collate cultural values into students and to make them better citizens of India with vision and values.

# To ensure values like truth, honesty, character,true science sacrifies into the student and to curb social exploitation through education among them.

# To aim at overall Personality development through extra curricular activities

# To attain community and social development through infrastructural facilities of the college.

# To ptovide a platform for students to enhance their skills and potential as well as a seance social responsibility and nationality through sports, cultural activities and other events.

# To train the students to face competitive examination.

# To help the students for on the job training and placement of jobs wherever possible.

Swami vivekananda

You can not believe in God untile you believe in yourself.

NAAC Re-Accreditation Report

The Annual Quality Assurance Report.2013-14

The Annual Quality Assurance Report.2014-15