Syllabus Structure

Paper Number Paper Title Noof Papers Marks
Paper-I Education in Emerging Indian Society 01 100
Paper-II Development of Learner and Teaching- Learning Process. 01 100
Paper-III History of education in India 01 100
Paper-IV Educational Technology and
 School Managament
01 100
Paper-V Educational Evaluation and Action
02 100
Paper-VI Optinal Papers(Any two subjects
 to be studie as a Methods
02 50*2=100
Paper-VII  Special Papers(Any One) 01  100
Part II A  Annual Lesson Examination 02 methods 40*2=80
Part II B  Viva- Voce of Practical Work   01   20
 Paper-V  Field based experience including practice Teaching
Paper-V  Co-Curricular activities    165

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